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iPad Business apps

The iPad is the best choice when it comes to entertainment like watching movies, listening to music, surfing the Web and doing other things from the comfort of your couch or from anywhere in the world. But that’s not by far the limit of its capabilities – the iPad can do so much more!

You can use it to manage your daily life, create tasks and To Do lists, edit documents on the go, connect to remote servers – all of this is extremely useful if you have a business that needs attention 24/7 (most startups and small businesses do). With that in mind, here are just 5 of the best iPad apps that can help you in your business.

Pages. Pages is part of Apple’s iWork Suite, and it’s practically the best document editor for iOS. Coming from Apple, it can open any document format, including DOCX, XLS, PDF, and it can also save the files as PDFs, which is pretty impressive. It has all the tools and features you need to create professional looking documents that you won’t be ashamed of showing at a meeting. Through iTunes, you can easily share your files with other computers, including Mac and Windows PCs.

Numbers. Numbers is the second app from the iWork Suite, and it’s a great replacement for Microsoft’s Excel for the iPad (MS doesn’t even have an office suite for iOS). You can create amazingly attractive spreadsheets, edit Excel files, export documents in various formats, including PDF, and share them with other users through iTunes.

Dropbox. Dropbox can be a life saver and a must have for those who need to have a centralized file management and backup system. By installing their app on the iPad, iPhone, Mac and Windows PCs, you can sync and share all your files using the online account, wherever you are. For example, you can start editing a document on your way from another city on the airplane, sync it with the Dropbox account and finish editing it on the big screen at your office or in the comfort of your home.

Kayak Flights. As its name suggests, Kayak Flights lets you plan and manage flights, on any route, at any time. If you fly a lot as part of your job, you’ll definitely love this app. You can save yourself a lot of money and headaches by planning everything in advance, and having the schedule of flights you need updated and always at hand. You can find the best prices, best times and even reserve a ticket using only this app.

LogMeIn Ignition. If your business depends on a remote server that you need to log in to daily to perform your work, then a remote connection app is a must for you. LogMeIn has always provided support for most remote login systems out there, including their own app, and having it on your iPad is an immense plus.

If you need good apps that would aid you in your day to day life and your work, you should definitely try at least some of the ones listed above. There are also thousands of other apps on the marketplace, if you’re interested, which can do exactly what you need them to, and a lot of them are also free or cost no more than $5 – a bargain for the time you save!


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