Vertix Silencer VX2 review


Vertix Silencer VX2 review

Adopting the same simple design as its earlier vertix VX1, the new VX2 now places its volume buttons on the top and the multi function button at the side. The former is slightly raised for easy access to either reject or transfer an incoming call to your headset by holding it for 2 seconds.

To keep its sides smooth, the multi-function button is fully flush with the surface, with a slight outline to indicate where the button is. The only confusion comes from the Vertix brand name which is carved in and can potentially be mistaken for the multi function button.

The VX2 comes with three different ear gels to swap according to different ear sizes. For a stronger grip, there’s the ear hook to set the headset in place at the expense of your comfort. The receiver doesn’t feel obtrusive, sitting comfortably in our ears.

Its noise canceling feature, managed to effectively differentiate and reduce noise with the aid of its dual microphones. On heavily populated streets with both vehicle and human traffic, our calls were pleasantly clear. Taking it to the extreme, we went for a drive and wound down the windows to take calls; audio output wasn’t as optimal but still audible enough.

In use, the VX2 managed to hold up for nearly three days on a single charge. This is especially good news, given that the VX2 uses a DC charging adaptor instead of the widely adopted microUSB port. Considering the improvements seen on the VX2, and the similar price tag at $98, we’d say vertix is definitely onto something, but with a little bit more refinement needed along the way.

Bluetooth V2.1
Up to 10m
Up to 5 hours


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