5 excellent iPad apps to boost your productivity


5 excellent iPad apps to boost your productivity

The iPad is a very powerful device that can be used for any kind of tasks you may need to accomplish. With over 300,000 apps on the iTunes market, you can turn it into almost anything you want, from a portable media machine to a vital personal assistant that will help you in your daily life and work.

Hundreds of thousands of users have seen the potential of the iPad right after it was launched and the apps started rolling in, and today, a lot of entrepreneurs and small business owners depend on it for mission critical applications. There are literally thousands of iPad apps for any purpose, from entertainment and media playback to document editing and project managers, and it’s this versatility that allows the device to be a great asset for any individual and company who wants to save time and do everything faster and more effectively. With that in mind, here are only a few of the best (in my opinion) productivity apps for the iPad:

Desktop Connect. This app is truly a must have for the iPad. It allows you to connect to any desktop computer via your Wifi or 3G connection using a variety of protocols, including the Windows RDP and VNC. You can then proceed to control and work with your computer just like you would if you were in front of it – it’s an amazing experience and it’s very useful when you need to work on both the iPad and your Mac.

Taska. Taska is one of the best task planning apps for the iPad, which uses the Getting Things Done methodology to, well, get your things done. It has a very nice interface that reminds of the old paper notebook planners, and can easily be used for planning anything, from your daily shopping list and schedule to small and medium sized projects for your business – it’s a must have for any productive person who likes to be effective.

iQue. iQue is like an especially of your brain on your iPad (or iPhone). If you always need to remember things, but keep forgetting them, there’s no better tool for storing that information for an indefinite period. And iQue doesn’t work like, for example, Evernote – it uses a more sophisticated system that stores info more like your brain than like an app. If you know the PersonalBrain software for Windows – it’s much like it, only possibly better.

Air Sharing HD. Air Sharing HD is the best iPad app for those who store and need to access a lot of data on their desktops, laptops or other remote computers with a big hard drive. It allows you to connect to and browse any device, open and work with the files there like they’re on your iPad – very convenient, as it drops the need to download a file (which can take hours sometimes), edit it, then upload it back.

DeskPad Office. The yellow sticky notes that you used to glue on everything from your monitor to your bathroom mirror are back – only this time they’re cleaner and greener, because they’re virtual on your iPad. Yes, you can now write any note and stick it to the iPad home screen to remember anything you need to – and most of the times, this works amazingly well!

The iPad can really boost your productivity and help you with both day to day tasks and planning long-term projects for your company or your personal life. The only thing you need to learn to take advantage of this is how to find the right apps and how to use them. There are so many, it’s hard to make up your mind, but after checking about a dozen of the most popular ones, you’ll definitely find something that suits you!


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