Blackjack World Pro for iPhone review


Blackjack World Pro

Those who love the game Blackjack can enjoy the fun and excitement with the low cost Blackjack World Pro app available from Apple’s app store.

The current version is a realistic depiction of Blackjack with vivid graphics and a variety of Blackjack casino style games to choose from.

Developed by Candywriter, version 1.4.4 was released on February 3, 2011 and Candywriter describes the game as follows, “With beautiful visuals, varied rules, and a bunch of options to customize game play, this is one app not to miss. Others just do not compare to its great style and integrated card-counting feature.” Countless mobile users agree, the game is top of the line and is one of Apple’s most popular apps. Though the game looks completely realistic, it’s important to remember that you are not wagering real money, even though you are playing with a computerized dealer. As there isn’t any real wagering going on, consider Blackjack World Pro as a great app for practicing or learning different forms of Blackjack.

Once you purchase the app you can create your Blackjack profile and determine your settings. After you have your player created and set up it’s time to choose your Casino. There are six casinos and each features a different style of Blackjack. According to Candywriter, each casino has been “painstakingly” researched and recreated. This increases the realism of the game and helps the player have a more enjoyable experience. The six casinos are Reno, Monte Carlo, Macao, Las Vegas Strip, Las Vegas Downtown and Atlantic City. You also have the choice of creating a custom casino with the ability of setting your own rules as well as the overall look of the casino.

When it comes to training the Blackjack World Pro is exceptional. In fact, those who are planning on playing in a real casino or even play blackjack online but for money would benefit greatly from practicing with the app. One of the best teaching or training features included with the Blackjack World Pro app is that the game will let you know if you have made a mistake during play, such as a bad defensive or aggressive move.

Those who need to practice more on their Blackjack or simply want to learn the game will find that the Blackjack World Pro app is an excellent way to learn. Though you aren’t actually playing another person, you are playing against the computer dealer but more than playing someone else, the tools included in the app make it an invaluable training tool. Though the trainer has an advantage, as most computers do, the lessons learned make Blackjack World Pro not only an excellent way to learn Blackjack, but a fun way to learn as well.

One way to think about the Blackjack World Pro is in the value of the product. The app costs approximately $3.00 from Apple so if you buy the app, download it and learn the various rules and casino games, all you need to do is win $3.00 in a casino to earn your investment back.


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