Apple iOS 4.3.2 to be released in two weeks, says report


Apple iOS 4.3.2

A new report states that Apple’s newest operating system is to be announced within the next two weeks. According to reports by Boy Genius Report, a source with inside knowledge of things pertaining to Apple reports that developers are currently putting the finishing touches on the newest Apple operating system: iOS 4.3.2. The operating system would follow iOS 4.3.1 which made an appearance in March.

Just several weeks old, the Apple operating system 4.3.1 update was released in order to fix some glitches and bugs with the previous operating system, and likewise 4.3.2 is expected to be a way of repairing problems existent with the current operating system. Essentially, 4.3.2 is more of an update than a new operating system unveiling new features.

Boy Genius Reports states that the iOS 4.3.2. will be in the form of a software update for the iPhone, iPod Touch and the iPad and should be available in approximately two weeks. BGR quotes their sources as saying the update will address several known bugs and address security issues. Apple iOS 4.3.1 was released on March 25, 2011 sparking reports that iOS 5 wouldn’t be released until, fall as it was expected to debut sometime this spring. Now, that reports are talking iOS 4.3.2, it is unclear when iOS 5 would debut.

Also on the rumor front is word that come fall Apple may release the iPad 3. It is possible that the iOS 4.3.2 would be a filler update that would address current issues while Apple iOS 5 would launch along with iPad 3. At this point, however, there is nothing to verify the iOS 5 and iPad 3.


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