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Top 5 iPad2 apps

Apple has released the iPad just under a year ago, and now it’s finally time for the new and improved successor. Indeed, the iPad 2 has everything that the first iPad should’ve had (I think it’s a conspiracy by Apple to sell more units 🙂 and more.

One of the main changes for the second iPad are the ultra slim profile (8.8 mm – that’s thinner than the iPhone 4), which helps it feel great in one’s hand and makes it the perfect replacement for any paper notebooks and books you might have left around the house or office. The other important updates are the two cameras for video calls and photos and of course, the new dual core processor and higher amount of RAM on the inside.

Sure enough, a new device warrants new applications, and the iPad 2 already has a few official ones released and waiting for it to ship. Here are just a few of the apps which were created or updated specifically for the iPad 2 and can take advantage of its new hardware capabilities:

GarageBand. GarageBand is a great app for audio and music editors, and with the iPad 2’s new found hardware power, it is finally available in portable form. You can edit and mix multiple tracks just like you would do on the Mac, and post the results on your website or continue creating a video in iMovie and then posting it on Youtube – all from the iPad! If you need, you can also save the project and open it on the desktop for more detailed editing options.

iMovie. With iMovie for the iPad, you can turn any video you shoot on the new iPad 2 or on your iPhone into a good finished product that you wouldn’t be ashamed of posting on any website for everyone to see. The hardware specs of the iPad 2 finally allow it to work without a hitch, and coupled with GarageBand above (these two apps work really well together, it’s like your own portable Adobe After Effects copy), it is everything you need for mobile media content creation.

FaceTime for iPad. Sure enough, the iPad 2 couldn’t come out without Facetime, the video chat app that was first introduced on the iPhone 4. Seeing as the new tablet has a 1.3 megapixels front facing camera, it is very easy to establish a call with anyone in the world and see them on the pixel packed IPS display, giving a new dimension to distant communications.

PhotoBooth. PhotoBooth isn’t as impressive as the above apps, but it certainly is just as fun. With it, you can edit the photos you just took with your iPad and add a lot of funny and interesting effects, then upload them to your Facebook profile or other online accounts. It is meant to bring back the old photo booth experience, and in many ways, it really succeeds at it!

Keynote. The powerful Keynote presentation app has been completely redesigned for the iPad, and the latest version also brings a lot of new themes for you to use and new features to take advantage of the iPad 2 hardware. If you need to give presentations using a projector, you’ll need nothing else but your iPad with Keynote installed.

The iPad 2 is a great successor to the original tablet, bringing a lot of new stuff to the table. The most important changes are however, its internal updates, and as it’s clearly demonstrated by the apps listed above, the device can do some pretty resource intensive tasks like it’s nothing but a breeze. If you pre-ordered the iPad, you should also check out the above apps when you get it. Plus, there will definitely be new apps for the iPad 2 on the iTunes market, so be sure to visit it often!

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