5 skins for the iPhone 4 that will protect and make it look cool


Laser Engraved iphone 4

Most people who own an iPhone 4 bought it not only because of its simple user interface and great features, but also because it looks simply fantastic. Indeed, there are few other smartphones that can match it in looks – its industrial design practically set the standard on the market!

But even though the glass panels on both sides of the phone are advertised as scratch proof, there are still a lot of things that are stronger than it and can definitely leave a mark if you’re not careful. Sand/dirt specs are the most common reason for scratches, and unfortunately, you can’t avoid them, as they’re everywhere.

If you don’t want your new and shiny iPhone 4 to look like it was in a war zone, you can easily protect it with a custom protective film, while also making it look unique and stand out from the crowd. Here are the best such skins:

Zagg InvisibleShield. InvisibleShield is practically the standard in unobtrusive, superb protection for smartphones. The company pioneered the super strong and durable skins that are now used by many others in the market, and they still have the know-how to make it last. Once you apply their thin, transparent protective film, your screen and back cover will never get scratched, ever – it’s a guarantee. You can see many videos of people trying to damage it, and it’s nigh impossible, but even if you do manage to scratch it, you can just replace it! This is practically a must if you want your iPhone to look the same for years to come.

Zagg InvisibleShield

ZaggSkins. If you want to make your phone stand out from the crowd and be unique, there’s nothing better than a custom protective film that also has your favorite picture printed over it. Zagg offers them now, and there are a lot of great images to choose from. Of course, you can upload and print your own, as well, making your iPhone even more personalized.

Gelaskins. GelaSkins was among the first companies to offer custom printed protective skins for the iPhone 4, and they’re still going strong. Their covers are actually printed on laminated vinyl decals, the same ones you see on cars (exterior and interior), and which are very strong and durable. They’re also a bit thicker than the Zagg skins, for example, but not by much, and it’s worth it, as it adds an extra buffer if you drop your phone. There are a lot of great picture to choose from on their site, and you can also print your own, of course.

Gelaskins iphone 4-2

BodyGuardz Protective Films. BodyGuardz protective films are practically the same as the Zagg skins. They’re great quality, but I mention them specifically because of their Armor Carbon Fiber back cover skin – that thing looks simply amazing on the iPhone – it makes it look like it’s made out of carbon (with texture and all), and that attracts a lot of attention from other people.

Laser Engraved back covers. Laser engraved back covers are excellent for those who want to stand out and remain classy. You can engrave almost anything, but logos and simple pictures work best, kind of like tattoos. Couple one of these with the Zagg InvisibleShield and you have a unique iPhone that definitely stands out yet doesn’t scream attention.


A new iPhone 4 is a beautiful device to hold in your hands – too bad that it doesn’t last long. But using any of the above skins (even in a combination) you can ensure that your new iDevice stays in top shape with no scratches for a long time and looks cool along the way!


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