Ipad 3 Rumors Doing the Rounds


Ipad 3 Rumors Doing the Rounds
It has only been recently that the iPad 2 has been launched and the iPad 3 rumors are already flying across the Internet. We will take a look at some of the rumors already mentioned on the possible upcoming device.

The iPad 3 Release Date

According to T3.com, the release date for the iPad 3 could be around September 2011. We do find this hard to believe, but an unnamed Apple spokesperson did mention earlier that the iPad 2 was somewhat of a ‘rush job’ and that the third-generation device will be the device to make a song and dance about.

Dual-Core Processor

Another rumor doing the rounds is that the iPad 3 will boast with a dual-core processor. Many hints at Apple’s A6, but if the release date of the iPad 3 is indeed September, we think it might be somewhat tight. We certainly expect to see the same processor and graphics as the iPad 2 if the release date is indeed in 2011. If the release date is moved to 2012, we could well see a faster A6 in the iPad 3.

Retina Display

The iPad 3 is also rumored to feature a retina display. This technology was already expected in the iPad 2, which never materialized. Apple already asked a number of panel makers to provide screens that are capable of displaying higher image quality than the iPad 2, making this rumor quite believable.

An NFC Chip

The next rumor is that the iPad 3 hardware could include an NFC chip. We all know that Apple is looking at NFC chips for the iPhone 5. Since the iPad 3 will follow the iPhone 5, this technology will probably be fitted into the iPad 3 as well.

More Storage

iPad 3 users can also expect more storage if rumors are anything to go by. The iPad 2 has 16, 32 and 64GB storage options. The question, however, is will pricing come down for flash storage? If so, a 128GB storage option will not be impossible for the iPad 3.

Thunderbolt Port

Another rumor suggests that the iPad 3 could include a Thunderbolt port, which is already available in the 2011 MacBook Pro. Two generations of USB-free iPads suggests that Apple may look at adding this feature to the next-generation iPad.


Rumors also stated that the new iPad 3 may live in the cloud. These rumors have been long-coming even for previous versions of the iPad.

SD Card Slot

The iPad 3 could also include an SD card slot. This was also predicted for the iPad 2, which also did not materialize.

A Better Camera

Many rumors are doing the rounds that the iPad 3 will consist of a better camera. We all know the iPad 2 camera is not brilliant, and this may be something Apple is looking at.

Whether these rumors are indeed things that will be implemented in the next iPad 3 or merely things we would like to see in the device – we simply can just wait for official announcements from Apple!


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