McDwiff Now Reads DWF files on Mac or iPad


McDwiff Now Reads DWF files on Mac or iPad

For some time Autodesk’s Design Web Format (DWF) files have been a common way to send drawings to other users. DWF files are small and easily sent via e-mail to other users, but the frustration comes when users need to open and view the files. Currently, Mac and iPad users can only view .dwf files via Autodesk’s Freewheel web service.

This has changed, when Austin Silver Software announced the launch of a new application called McDwiff. The purpose of the application is to open, view, convert and print .dwf files on Macs and iPads. The new applications utilize Freewheel as a backend to process the DWF file, with a user-friendly front-end on your device.

The application for both Mac and iPad is now available on sale in the App Store.

The Mac version is on sale at a price of $9.99, while the iPad version is available at a price of $6.99.


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