New iPhone 4 Case with Slide-On Battery Announced


New iPhone 4 Case with Slide-On Battery Announced

The new Third Rail System has recently been announced by Third Rail Mobility, which is the first protective case with optional slide-on battery for iPhone 4 users. The new technology offers add-on battery power for the device when needed. It also doubles as an external battery solution for other mobile devices.

We all have our hands in our hair when it comes to mobile devices losing power mid-day, and all we can do is making use of bulky external chargers to recharge the battery on our devices. The new Third Rail System now provides us with continuous protection and optional power when needed. According to the company, this system could replace today’s chargers and protective cases.

The Third Rail System comprise of the world’s thinnest power-ready protective case, as well as a universal, interchangeable, removable battery. The technology offer several different usage modes in one simple system – offering protection, acts as a power case, a portable external charger and a power hub for charging multiple devices at any one time.

The Slim Case

The Slim Case is the world’s thinnest battery-enabled case and is compatible with all iPhone 4 models. The Smart Battery slides onto the Slim Case for an easy charge and can be removed when the power is no longer needed. The new technology delivers power to the Slim Case from the Smart Battery without any cords.

The Smart Battery

The Smart Battery is a slim, 1.4-ounce rechargeable 1250mAh lithiumion battery that slides directly onto the Slim Case. Via its micro-USB port, it can function as a stand-alone, universal charger for most other devices.

According to the company, Smart Batteries can be stacked together to create a power hub, allowing a user to collectively charge all Smart Batteries with a single AC or PC adapter.

Initially available for the iPhone 4, the company stated that it would be launching additional Third Rail Slim Cases for other devices later this year.
The Third Rail System is currently available at and retails at a price of $89.99.

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