Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1: Always one step ahead – review


Galaxy Tab 10.1 Always one step ahead - user review

With the release date set somewhere around August, 2011, tech fans everywhere are anxiously waiting for the new Galaxy Tab 10.1, which promises to revolutionize the industry. The high points of this tablet come from its extraordinary light weight and thin design that promises a portability level greater than any other similar product on the market. In fact, if you were to compare it with the iPad 2, you would notice that the Galaxy Tab 10.1 is thinner by approximately 0.2 millimeters, as well as lighter by approximately by 36 grams. However, you should not worry about its processing power, as the increased portability of the Galaxy Tab 10.1 has not been achieved by cutting corners in speed or capacity. In fact, these are also key aspects where this tablet is superior to several other products on the market.

Specifications: A quick look at its main features

• ARM Cortex A9 Dual core processor for increased performance;
• GeForce graphics processor unit, able to render resolutions up to 1280×800;
• 16 Gigabytes of memory space;
• 256.6 mm length,172.9 height, 8.6mm depth, weighting 565 grams;
• Rather impressive 3D rendering effects, considering the Froyo 2.2 operating system which was initially inappropriate for the size of the display;
• 4way accelerometer that surpasses the current 3way versions available;
• Potent integrated web browser that enable opening several web pages at once;
• 6600 mAh accumulator able to provide up to 9 hours of intensive usage;
• 8 Megapixels camera;
• 30 pins connector.

What we like

Considering all the features that the Galaxy Tab 10.1 promises to provide, this model will definitely be one of the most competitive Android tablets on the market. One of the amazing things about it is the way that the designers manage to squeeze in such a powerful processor unit and GPU without having to increase the size. Moreover, since it weighs quite a bit less than the current models, your hand will not grow tired easily, a downside all early models had.
However, even though the body of the Galaxy Tab 10.1 is quite small, the display screen is big enough as to provide a quality video watching experience for even the most pretentious users. In addition, the potent battery life makes it a must-have gadget for all people who need to make constant long and boring excursions.

What we don’t like

The Galaxy Tab 10.1 does not have any USB, Micro-USB or HDMI port, thus the only way transfer data to it except the wireless is to use the 30 pins docking connector port. However, the manufacturers have stated that it was not in their intention to emphasize the connectivity of the tablet, as the Galaxy Tab 10.1 generation is heading in an alternative direction. In addition, while the browser does offer features which have never before been encountered in a tablet, reviewers say that it could have used a little bit more work.


So far, the features of the Galaxy Tab 10.1 make it one of the most desirable Android tablets and it is actually a serious competitor against Apple’s iPad 2. Nothing bad can be said about the device except the lack of common data transfer ports, but that is quite a minor disadvantage compared to the innovations the Galaxy Tab 10.1 brings.

In a nutshell

If you are looking for the state of the art tablets that incorporate the latest technology in a light and highly portable framework, then you need not look further than the Galaxy Tab 10.1. While the value of the tablet is rather high, you can rest assured that it is a performance based gadget that you will not need to replace anytime soon.


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