Will the iPhone 5 Be The Best Cell Phone Ever?


iPhone 5
September and October look to be exciting months for fans of Apple products, due to the brand new iPhone 5 and iPhone 4GS models being rolled out in these months.

The expectations for the iPhone 5 are incredibly high, due to the fact that the past 14 months has been the longest stretch of time in which Apple has gone without releasing a new iPhone model since the original iPhone was released. However, it looks as though the new iPhone 5 might actually live up to the incredible expectations Apple fans have of the iPhone line.

The iPhone 5 will undoubtedly be the first model in the product line to feature a high-definition display, and the iPhone 4GS also looks to be sporting some thrilling new options. Even though the iPhone 4GS will not have a high-definition display, it will still come with upgraded hardware and software to set it apart from the standard iPhone 4, such as the inclusion of Apple’s new A5 processor. Additionally, both phones will come standard with iOS5, Apple’s newest operating system for mobile devices.

Just looking at the feature list, it’s obvious that Apple has been listening to customer feedback regarding new features they would like to see in the newest generation of the iPhone. The most exciting new feature is probably the inclusion of video chat support over 3G and 4G networks. Previously, this was a feature only available over WiFi networks. The ability to video chat on 3G and 4G networks ensures that the speed limitations of WiFi will no longer be a concern, ensuring that users experience only smooth, clear video.

Another feature that customers should be excited on the iPhone 5 is the inclusion of facial recognition technology. This amazing technology is the newest revolution in cell phone security, as it ensures the phone will only respond to commands given by its rightful owner. Last but not least is the new instant messenger program which allows fast, free text messaging among any number of Apple devices. All these features add up to an impressive argument for upgrading from an iPhone 4, or even converting from an Android cell phone.
iPhone 5 features overview
For customers worried that the iPhone 5 will simply be an iPhone 4 with a few new features, it’s worth mentioning that the internal components of the iPhone 5 are vastly improved as well. The iPhone 5 is powered by Apple’s formidable A5 processor, which is the same CPU used in the iPad 2. This amazing piece of hardware is capable of delivering video resolutions which are up to 5 times better than those of the iPhone 5.

Possibly the biggest concern that customers have with the iPhone 5 is what carriers will be available, as well as how the phone handles on 3G and 4G networks. It is highly likely that T-mobile will be a carrier, due to the fact that they currently have the largest 4G network out of all cell providers. It is a probability that Sprint will be an option as well, due to the size of their 4G network as well as their plans to support long LTE networks in the future.
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