Apple increases download limits for iOS users on 3G and 4G


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Apple just bumped up their download limits set for 3G and 4G connections. Before these changes were made, iOS users were limited to downloading content that’s 20MB or less when connected to 3G or 4G networks. Downloading content beyond 20MB required a Wi-Fi connection. Now that the limit has been raised, iOS users can download up to 50MB content over a cell connection.

The 20MB limit set for 3G or 4G downloads worried many developers, especially those eager to create apps for the new iPad. The limit was not enough to create quality apps for the new iPad’s Retina Display and while these can be downloaded via the App Store over Wi-Fi, developers prefer their apps to be accessible to users limited to 3G/4G. In response, it appears like Apple has raised the download limit to 50MB.

Apple hasn’t made any official announcement yet but if you attempt to download content beyond 50MB, you’ll be prompted that the item is over 50MB and that you must connect to a Wi-Fi or use iTunes to download it. Anything between 20 to 50 megabytes can be downloaded without getting this same message.

This new download limit set by apple is applicable to all types of content. Whether you want to download apps, books, music, or videos, you can freely do so via 3G or 4G so long as they don’t exceed the new 50MB limit. Both iOS users and app developers will benefit from this move as it increases their likelihood of downloading and developing apps optimized for Retina Display without compensating accessibility. A week ago, the Android Market – now Google Play – struck a similar chord by increasing app size limits to 4GB.


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