Jailbreak for the new iPad – it’s possible


It took devs hours to crack open the new iPad and jailbreak it. MuscleNerd, i0n1c, and phoenixdev had different ways of doing it but were successful nonetheless. MuscleNerd had a headstart, jailbreaking his slate in a record-breaking time of three hours. In addition to these three, pod2g is also working on a whole new style for jailbreaking the new iPad.

MuscleNerd managed to jailbreak the new iPad by using a method that previously worked on the iPad 2. “That’s an important step, but by no means is it the end of the story,” explained the Dev Team. i0n1c and phoenixdev applied different techniques while pod2g is far behind, still working on a way to crack the codes. “This is very preliminary progress, and it’s impossible to predict how or when these things turn out.”

Apple is a bit of control freak with their devices and the new iPad is no exception. Jailbreaking your new iPad could bring a lot of features such as the ability to run third-party apps, customize themes, and basically make it more functional than it is. Unfortunately, there’s no telling when the jailbreak will be released at this point. As soon as it does, we’ll be sure to help you with a “how to” guide. For the meantime, don’t update your new iPad past the iOS 5.1 version that came with it. Devs are working on jailbreaking methods based on the iOS version that originally shipped with it.

source: blog.iphone-dev.org


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