The new iPad gets tested for battery life, 3G/4G speeds, and display resolution


We’ve heard about the new iPad’s high-resolution display countless times before. The addition of LTE suggests it’s capable of delivering faster internet speeds than its predecessor when connected to a 4G network. In a recent teardown by iFixit, we also found that it packs an enhanced battery capacity – almost twice the one found in iPad 2. But does the new iPad really have better battery life and screen resolution? And how does its 4G speeds fare compared to 3G? Answer: we can’t tell unless we test these in real life.

Specs-wise, the new iPad is a great catch and doesn’t need much debating when deciding to upgrade from previous models. Its display has a resolution of 2048 x 1536 pixels, twice the amount of pixels found in iPad 1 and 2. And while it may not be the first tablet with 4G connectivity, it is Apple’s first iPad that comes with it out-of-the-box. The latest discovery by iFixit was that it had a more capable 42.5 watt-hour Li-ion battery. How these specs perform were tested in real life and here’s what we found out:

The new iPad has a life-like display

The pixels found in the new iPad are not only small but they’re tightly packed together in a way that it’s difficult to discern them with a naked eye. With the use of a macro lens, the display found on iPad 2 isn’t even tad-close to what the new iPad had to offer. The new iPad’s screen brings forward clear, vivid and life-like display that average users would appreciate and visually-oriented professionals would love.

It has better 3G speeds than iPad 2 and impressive 4G speeds

Both LTE (4G) and HSPA+ (3G) radios were tested on the new iPad and results show they’re faster. 3G in the new iPad scored download and upload speeds of 15Mbps and 0.75Mbps on iPad 2 and iPhone 4S maxed out a download speed of 8Mbps using the same network. When connected to a 4G network, the new iPad hit 30Mbps downloads when there’s a two-bar signal. A stronger signal would’ve meant it could do better than that.

When streaming videos online, the 4G-capable iPad showed no signs of stuttering. As soon as you hit play, the video would go on flawlessly without interruption. The new iPad’s HSPA+ radio didn’t do as well in video streaming. You’d have to load an entire video for a couple of minutes to ensure a smooth viewing experience.

Battery life is still better with iPad 2

It’s true that the new iPad has a more wicked battery capacity. It’s also true that it has 1GB of RAM, quad-core graphics, and an insane display resolution that the improved battery has to put up with. iPad 2 on iOS 5.1 has a 14.2-hour battery life when watching movies continously. The new iPad which ships with iOS 5.1 has a battery life of 12.8 hours under the same circumstances.

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