iOS7 For Android devices

IOS7 For Android device

IOS7 For Android device

If you are an Android device owner and would like to test the look and feel of Apple’s latest iOS 7, then we’ve a solution for you.

The iLauncher may help you to test and play with an iPhone interface on your Galaxy or HTC phone, well, it’s actually supports any Android devices with version 2.2 and up.

The video below shows how similar to an iPhone iOS 7 it really looks, and i can confirm that, cause i’m using iOS 7 on multiple devices myself.

Basically, it supports many iPhonish effects and interface features: has rounded corners and gloss effects, live wallpapers, 5 rows mode (just like iPhone 5), Folders, shortcuts, you can rename icon and application by just touching the app shortly in jiggle mode, uninstall apps from your home screen with ease, however no notification badges are support, as stated by the customers feedback.


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