LG G Flex global rollout begins

LG G Flex

LG G Flex

Samsung made it clear that their Samsung Galaxy Round handset was more of a test, and that the device was in essence Samsung dipping their feet in the curved display waters, however it looks like LG’s curved device, the LG G Flex global rollout suggests that LG hope to not only dip their feet in the water with it, but go on and swim a marathon.

So far, South Korea is the only country that the phone can be purchased directly by the public, and no other regions or mobile networks have yet put it up for sale, but the LG G Flex global rollout is about to start, and it won’t stop till a fairly large chunk of countries have the device available.

The LG G Flex global rollout will begin on December 8th; on this day it will become available for purchase in Singapore. The next key date after this is December 13th, which is when it will be ready for purchase in Hong Kong.

The rest of 2013 will then be dedicated to getting the phone in most of Asia’s pockets, and then plans for a European release, and even a North American release are planned to take place after that.

Whilst details on dates and pricing haven’t yet been revealed, @evleaks has suggested that it will become available on Sprint, AT&T and T-mobile.

For those that didn’t know, the LG G Flex is the first curved display smartphone by LG, and it has a 6 inch display that has a vertical curve. On top of this, the curved device can bend and flex and support a large amount of weight, making sitting on and breaking phones a thing of the past.

The LG G Flex also has a “self healing film” found on the back of the device that can remove light to medium scratches over time. Reviews and hands-on videos have shown this feature to work quite well, especially when in the optimum temperature environment.


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