It’s iPad HD, not iPad 3. Plus, more rumors on iPad Mini


Tomorrow, Apple is hosting one of this year’s most anticipated event. The unveiling of iPad 3 is imminent. But Venture Beats says it will be called iPad HD instead because of its high-definition display. We’ve also heard more news on the 7-inch iPad Mini for today. Apple’s rumor factory is back in business after going silent for a day or two.

It’s iPad HD, not iPad 3

Gizmodo was first to report the newly-named iPad. Among the sources cited were Griffin and Belkin, two major manufacturers of iPad cases. Based on the leaked photos, Griffin and Belkin are preparing products for iPad HD and not iPad 3.

A few days ago, Ars Technica did catch devices with crazy resolutions of 2048×1536 pixels visiting their website. It could have been the iPad HD we’re hearing about now. Current iPads are limited to 1024×768 pixels. Other sources say the new iPad will also support 1080p HD video playback. This further explains why it might be called iPad HD. High-end Android tablets support HD display but only up to 1280×720 pixels. This places iPad HD ahead of them and possibly win next year’s Best Mobile Tablet (again) at the Global Mobile Awards.

We’re still unsure whether it will have the dual-core A5X or quad-core A6. But rumors lean towards iPad HD having an A5X chip. Anyway, we have less than 24 hours to wait and see. Sit tight! Apple’s media event will take place tomorrow in San Francisco.

iPad Mini – contradicting rumors on screen size

As for the 7-inch iPad Mini, it greeted the tech world with two rumors. Venture Beats says Apple is currently buying 7.1-inch screen components for their smaller iPad . CNET says it will have the same 7.85-inch screen as reported by DigiTimes and Macotakara. CNET pitched in more details though, citing AU Optronics and LG Display as the suppliers of 7.85-inch screens for Apple’s small iPad. Other components will be acquired from a variety of suppliers.

iPad Mini will most likely be launched late this year. Until then, expect more chatter from the Apple rumor factory.


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