HTC One X drop tests – is it really that durable?


The guys from HTCPedia put HTC One X through a drop test and if you can’t stand to see it shatter into pieces or fall on hard cement in slow motion, then we don’t recommend you watch the 4-minute video. A smartphone gets slammed within the first minute – 0:32 to be exact – after one of them decides to throw his HTC Vivid on the ground with full force, just for fun. HTC One X was dropped from the waist, shoulders, and face-down to test just how sturdy the phone is.

The first test consists of dropping the phone face up from waist level. This is the most important test since phones are usually dropped from the same height by accident. Here, HTC One X only suffers from minor scratches on the sides. Phone still works and the front screen is unscratched. In the second test, HTC’s flagship Android phone was dropped from shoulder level, face up. It gets more scratches on the sides but still doesn’t suffer from damaged hardware or a shattered screen. Although this test doesn’t have much relevance, it does prove the phone’s durability against impact on cement.

Final tests involves dropping HTC One X with its screen facing down. The smartphone was dropped from mid-waist level. In this part of the test, HTC One X fails to hold up as its front screen gets shattered. The screen is still intact and responsive but cosmetic damage is clearly evident. Six months ago, Square Trade compared iPhone 4S and Samsung Galaxy S2 in a similar drop test. iPhone 4S failed in all three, shattering its screen and back cover. Samsung Galaxy S2 passed in all of them and only got scratches on the side even when dropped face down.

Now that we know how HTC One X performs under these circumstances, we’re dying to know how Samsung Galaxy S3 would fare in the same test. Hopefully, it will live up to the legacy of Galaxy S2. But if it were to have a ceramic casing as previously rumored, it might deliver the same results as HTC One X. In my opinion, it was the plastic body of Galaxy S2 that helped it pass the drop test with flying colors.


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