iPhone 5 to have in-cell touch panels instead of capacitive screens – makes it lighter and thinner


iPhone 5
If we construct the iPhone 5 based on rumors, it will have a 4.6-inch screen and a thin, lightweight liquid metal chassis. Inside should be a quad-core A6 processor. What we don’t know is whether or not it will have the same Retina Display as the new iPad but a recent report fills in a small detail on the display of the next-generation iPhone. According to DigiTimes, it will sport a new display panel technology which allows the iPhone 5 to be thinner and lighter.

While citing Apple’s current supply chain as sources, DigiTimes reports the company is now cooperating with Japan-based panel makers Sharp and TMD. Both had an improvement in yield rates of in-cell touch panels and this convinced Apple to work with them. Furthermore, sources say these makers will increase production of in-cell display within the second quarter of 2012. That means the rumored summer release of iPhone 5 can’t be possible. Last week, Korean website ETNews said so.

In-cell touch is an existing display panel technology used by Toshiba and Sharp. Current iPhones – and most smartphones for that matter – have a capacitive touch screen which requires an additional layer of sensing glass. The touch-sensitive glass not only adds thickness to a phone, it also adds weight and an extra step on lamination. If Apple wishes to replace capacitive touch display with a panel that directly responds to touch, it could save the company from manufacturing costs and users could enjoy cheaper iPhones. In-cell touch also means thinner and lighter next-generation devices from Apple.

Combined with the rumored liquid metal body of iPhone 5, we’re expecting to see an iPhone that’s ultra-thin and extremely light. Our prediction of a late year release remains unshaken. In the distant future, Apple’s devices could sport 3D technology too. The company recently posted a job opening for a 3D expert willing to work on iOS.

via DigiTimes


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