Is Apple planning to include 3D technology on iPhone and iPad?


In so far as 3D technology goes, LG is one of the few manufacturer trying to break grounds with it on their smartphones. They started with Optimus 3D and more recently, Optimus 3D MAX. Apple recently posted a job opening and is looking for a specialist on 3D technology. Could Apple be following LG’s lead and incorporate 3D on next-generation iPhones and iPads?

Apple posted a job opening titled “iOS Software Engineer” at their website. The company is looking for a “Computer Vision specialist to strengthen its [iOS] multi-view stereo research group.” He/she must be skilled developer with genuine interest in technology as well as knowledge and expertise in 3D geometry, Computer Vision, and Image Analysis. Qualifications include a Ph.D. degree in Computer Vision related fields and experience in C programming, 3D construction and multi-view stereo, SLAM, inpainting of occluded geometry and texture data, mesh texturing techniques, SLAM, large scale bundle adjustment, and cameras and surfaces in 3D environment.

Past job postings by Apple never made headlines because they involve technology that doesn’t exist, at least, not for a few years. But 3D on a smartphone isn’t unheard of. Android handset makers like LG and HTC have attempted to establish ground with it through devices like G-Slate and Optimus 3D in 2011. More recently, LG announced Optimus 3D MAX. And it would be interesting to see upcoming iOS devices – particularly iPhone and iPad – with 3D.

It’s not clear how Apple will implement 3D on iOS but, it’s something we look forward to and competitors should be wary off. If Apple were to integrate 3D technology on their mobile platform, maybe they would have a better shot at it than LG and HTC. The main problem with 3D is that consumers don’t feel the need for it. Not that many game developers are warming up to it too. But Apple has a loyal database of users and that could be enough to start a revolution of 3D phones and tablets.

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