New iPad Wi-Fi problems investigated by Apple – connection drops and others in question


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The new iPad faced a lot of controversies since its launch, perhaps, as a price of its wildly popular reception. We first heard it had heat problems, gaining a warmgate moniker in the process. After that, DisplayMate pointed fingers at its battery indicator and called it a big fat liar. Unlike these two “problems” which turned out to be fake, this recent issue could be true. A recently leaked AppleCare document suggests that as you read this, Apple is investigating Wi-Fi problems on the new iPad.

The AppleCare document was leaked to 9to5Mac and requests contact centers and retail stores to “capture” third-generation iPads that exhibit any Wi-Fi problem. Three Wi-Fi problems were mentioned in the document: intermittent connection, slow Wi-Fi speeds, and active Wi-Fi networks not showing up on the list. But Apple did mention Wi-Fi problems don’t need to be limited to these three specific cases. We assume that with the term “capture,” Apple means replacing defective models with new ones. Furthermore, the document reveals that Wi-Fi only models of the new iPad qualify for product replacement – implicating that Wi-Fi + 4G new iPads are not affected by Wi-Fi issues.

How about you? Have you been experiencing these Wi-Fi problems detailed by Apple? If you have, better run to your local retailer and Apple Store to have your new iPad replaced. Wi-Fi + 4G new iPads experiencing these problems probably won’t qualify for a replacement but may be offered warranty services instead.

Last month, everyone was startled by reports that the new iPad heated up too quickly. Tests by iMore show that is not the case though. Compared to first and second-generation iPads, the new iPad was warmer but only reached maximum of 35°C. DisplayMate later revealed an inaccurate battery indicator though Apple addressed the issue and explains it is not a matter of inaccuracy but a precaution to prevent overcharging. But this recent news involving Wi-Fi problems is quite worrying especially for new iPad owners. Who knows how many defective models got were released to the public.


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