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Samsung Galaxy S III
Samsung didn’t fail to impress us with Galaxy S III by cramming notable hardware into a new design. Many weren’t pleased by its redesigned body but really, Apple left Samsung no choice unless they wanted to be sued again. If we look past its hardware and exterior, we get a phone with equally impressive software and tons of new features.

S Voice

S Voice is what Siri is to iPhone 4S. It lets you take control of Galaxy S3 using voice commands, listening and responding to them with its natural language interface. Search for information on your phone or on the web, tell it to set the alarm, answer/reject calls, adjust volume controls, and much more! You can even tell your SGS3 when to take a snapshot! S Voice will act as your personal assistant, there to take care of your needs hands-free.

Direct Call

Samsung Galaxy S3 is truly a smart device. It knows when you want to make calls. While texting someone and you decide to talk instead, lift the phone to your ear and the phone will instantly dial the contact for you. No need to go through your contacts or the Messaging menu to make a call. The device recognizes your intentions with movement and does its magic.

Social Tag

Tag friends in photos. Not only will Social Tag easily connect you to their contact numbers and email, tagging also connects you to their social media streams. Stay updated of their status simply by viewing photos.

Smart Alert and Smart Stay

Reading an e-book or browsing the web? Smart Stay knows if you are looking at your phone through the front-facing camera. It keeps the display bright whenever it detects you looking at the phone. When left idle for a while, Samsung Galaxy S3 will notify you of missed calls or messages. As soon as you pick it up, Smart Alert lets your phone vibrate to let you know.


S-Beam is an extension of Android Beam and takes advantage of the built-in NFC technology and WiFi direct inside SGS3. It lets you share contacts, documents, photos, music, videos, and all other files to a compatible device via WiFi direct. Place two compatible phones back to back and they will instantly connect. Transfer rates can reach up to 300Mbps.

AllShare Play

This feature is based on DLNA and WiFi direct. It enables users to remotely access documents and multimedia files on different Samsung devices via cloud storage. Buddy Photo Share gives SGS3 the ability to recognize people on shared photos, automatically linking them to saved profiles. Meanwhile, AllShare Cast lets you stream videos and games on the screen, allowing you to use your device as a controller.


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