Tegra 3 and Snapdragon S4 HTC One X get benchmarked a third time – who wins this time?


The AT&T/Rogers version of HTC One X takes on its international version once again in another benchmark test. To refresh you, the HTC One X of AT&T and Rogers Canada have a downgraded, dual-core processor whereas the international model is powered by a quad-core chip. The first benchmark tests show Snapdragon S4 variant as the faster one despite its less powerful CPU but benchmarks after that show otherwise. In the second test, Tegra 3 beats Snapdragon S4 in almost every aspect. For the third time, benchmarks again try to answer the question – which is faster?

More than often, devices benchmarked have completely different specs. It is rare to see variants of the same phone with almost the same hardware getting tested for performance. HTC One X happens to be one of them with its Snapdragon 4 and Tegra 3 variations. Listed below are scores of the latest test. Higher scores are highlighted.

The previous benchmark war of both phones heavily leaned towards the Tegra 3 variant of HTC One X. It outscored Snapdragon S4 in performance tests like CPU Integer, CPU Float Point, 3D Graphics, and SD Card Read/Write speeds among other things. More importantly, it garnered a total score of 9713 in comparison to the 5540 of the Snapdragon-powered variant. This third test seems to lean more towards Snapdragon S4 and so did the first benchmark test, except in that occasion, HTC One XL was tested against Asus Transformer Prime. Asus Transformer Prime was the first slate to pack Tegra 3 chips.

It is a common misconception that greater number of cores equate to better-performing processors. Truth of the matter is, this isn’t always the case. The fact that Snapdragon S4 outperforms Tegra 3 in two out of three reported benchmarks should make you think twice about this long-held notion. And while software affects results in real-world performance, you have to remember: both models of HTC One X have identical software. So in this case, hardware and benchmarks do matter and help determine which truly is the faster one.

Benchmark tally: Snapdragon S4, 2. Tegra 3, 1.


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