New cases for iPhone 5S and 5C available for pre-order

BoxWave iPhone 5S and 5C case

BoxWave iPhone 5S and 5C case

Now that we know when the new iPhone models are going to be released, the accessory market is going to be flooded with new products like cases, covers, charging stations and more. One of the more popular accessories is the iPhone case and according to reports, the cases for the new iPhone 5S and 5C are available for pre-order. With the pre-order, your new case should be shipped the same day the iPhone is available for purchase. Because of the leaked information and images, it is no surprise that third party companies have put a few designs together already.

The iPhone 5S is not going to have any major design changes from the last year’s model, there should be plenty of options when it comes to cases and other accessories. The new iPhone cases just popped up one day after Apple posted information on its Canada website about a new iPhone 5S case. Since the first accessories that make the market before the new model shows up make the most money, the race is on to get accessories ready to ship to the millions that are going to be lined up when the iPhone is actually on the store shelf.

Cases for the iPhone 5S are available from BoxWave and should be shipping on the 10th of September for just $7.95 and $24.95. The cases will be coming in black and pink color options. To get more information you can check out the BoxWave website. The cases for the iPhone 5C include one that is completely see through and one called the “Tuxedo” case. The case that is see through is made from hard plastic and costs just $12.95 from BoxWave and will also ship on the 10th. The Tuxedo SuitUp case comes in the color black and will cost just $7.95, plus it protects against fingerprints.

According to BoxWave, the company wrote on its website that all cases have “perfectly tailored design means your Apple iPhone 5C’s camera, flash, speakers, volume controls and ports all remain uncovered and unhindered.”

source: Boxwave


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